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Looking for a Worthy Place to Visit? Bangalore City Is Your Best Option

For those who plans to for an Asian trip then it would be a great decision to choose Bangalore city in Karnataka, India, what people usually call this place is the garden city. There are also tons of institutions found in this city like defense organizations, private and public institutions and even different software companies. As a matter of fact people think of this place as the silicon valley of India.

This is such a great place to visit and without a doubt it offers tons of great places to visit. If you want to know what are these places that you can visit then reading the following information would be a good move.

The first place that you must visit is the Cubbon Park.

This is located at the center of the city and it’s land cover is 300 acres. This is a good place to unwind if you want to take a break on the splendid activities in the city. The park was named that way because of the commissioner Lieutenant-General Sir Mark Cubbon.

If you are looking for unique looking plants and trees then it would be best to visit this place to satisfy your eyes and other senses. The frequent visitors of this part are walkers, joggers, and those who are nature loving. If you have plans visiting the place with your kids worry not for this is also an ideal place for them to visit.

If you are fond of water dwelling animals like fish then you must drop by to the aquarium located in this place. There are also tons of species found in this aquarium and so you can just imagine how exciting it would be for you and your family.

The Attara Kacheri of the Banglore is the second place that you must visit.

This is a historical place in the India, this serve as a high court ant its construction is in the 1800s. A number of people loves visiting this place because of its unique architectural design.

There are also tons of antique paintings found in this place, sculptures, inscriptions and distinctive coins.

The last place that you must not miss to visit is the Bangalore Palace.

The palace is inspired by the castles found in England so you can just imagine how grandeur it would be, this was made in the year 1887. The towers are sturdy, the lawns are well-conditioned not to mention tons of artwork like carvings on wood and paintings are present in this place. Indeed, this is a perfect place to visit for those who are fond of artistic and historical figures but for those who aren’t then you can enjoy its royalty ambience. For those who want to more about these places can check things out online.

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