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A Loveless Story: Is There a Happy Ending

My parent’s love story is not what every fairy tale story should end, “And they live happily ever after.”. My parents have a unique love story to tell. Allow me to share my parent’s unique love story.

My parents have been married for 41 years, and been together for 44 years. My mom was only then 16 years old when she met my father, and he was the only man she ever dated. My dad resembled John Mellencamp Cougar on his teenage photos. My dad had a long and feathered brown hair who loved wearing tight bell-bottom jeans and white shirt, and he used to drive an orange Trans Am. He was considered a “cool” kid and my mom was a complete opposite.

My mother attended Catholic school, who always wear uniform every day, and her hair was always curled by her …

A Simple Plan For Investigating Payments

A Guide to Merchant Transactions

We all make transactions most of the times. It is, therefore, more certain that there are several means that we use to make this possible. By transaction we mean the payment methods. These are the types of methods that help us settle payments at the course of our operation.

The use of the cash transaction is one of the most common means that have been used over the years. It is due to its efficiency that the people have continued to use this means of payment to settle their payments. There are other means of payments that have come to make the lives of the traders easy. This is due to the increased transactions in place all the time. This is also because there is an increase in the number of clients all the same.

This has therefore made people come up with various means …